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This website is a history of North East Fire and Ambulance services in photographs.


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Most of the appliance photographs featured on this web site are taken spontaneously as opposed to posed views of appliances strategically positioned in photogenic positions.

Fire engines are living, breathing machines, emitting ear piercing sounds as they proceed on their adventurous quests to extinguish the red devil. It is only natural therefore that they should be pictured whilst operating in the conditions that they were designed for. Sit back and imagine the noises and flurry of activity that would have accompanied these photographs had sound been possible.

Most of the engines have long since gone but hopefully the memory of them, and the people that manned them will live on through the auspices of this web site.

Fire Album 1

Fire Album 2 (Northumberland)

Fire Album 3 (Durham)

Fire Album 4

Fire Album 5

Fire Album 6



These ambulance pages have been designed to illustrate the various types of ambulances in service in the North East region of England and demonstrate the many advances in vehicle and body styles, and liveries since the formation of National Health Service ambulance organisations in 1948. Gone are the days when ambulances kept a low profile as they trundled about on their daily duties. They are now highly sophisticated and comprehensively equipped vehicles fitted with the widest range of advanced equipment to deal with all aspects of sudden illness and trauma cases. It is hoped that the site will be a lasting tribute to the men and women that manned these machines, both day and night when the majority of the populace was (or should) have been sleeping. All have been taken whilst in service with their respective operators and have been carefully selected to show the advances that have been made during the last fifty years.

Ambulance Album 1

Ambulance Album 2

Ambulance Album 3


This website was produced by Richard Thompson.

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